Do Frogs Eat Snakes? (You May Be Surprised!)

Do Frogs Eat Snakes? (Species of Frogs That Eat Snakes)

We know that many snake species are dangerous. When compared to frogs, it isn’t surprising to know that snakes can eat frogs.

But can it be otherwise? Can frogs eat snakes? The answer may not be what you expect.

Yes, some frogs can eat snakes. However, smaller frogs can’t as the snakes will be too big for them, but big frog species often include snakes in their diet. They prefer smaller, non-venomous snakes, but will eat bigger, venomous snakes if possible.

Let’s look more into this interesting subject and the species of frogs that eat snakes.

Do Frogs Eat Snakes? 

If we only have small frog species and popular snake species like pythons in mind, it seems impossible for a frog to eat a snake.

However, there are so many frog and snake species, that it becomes a possibility.

This can’t happen if the snake is bigger than the frog, but big frogs can eat a snake with ease.

A frog’s main diet is insects, but frogs are opportunistic predators, which means they can adapt to eating any prey.

A frog can still chump on a venomous snake even though its preference is the non-venomous ones. A snake that moves too close to a bigger frog is putting itself at risk. 

Can Frogs Kill Snakes?

Frogs can kill snakes, even when the frog is the prey.

Many frog species have poisonous glands on their skin as a defense mechanism against predators, and these frogs are deadly, even to humans.

Snakes are genetically built to resist the poisonous substance from frogs, but when the frog is big, the resistance won’t work.

A good example is the keelback snake, a freshwater species that live in Australia.

The keelback snake preys on cane toads, and it can resist the toxin of the cane toad.

However, when the toad is a tad too big, it will be dangerous for the keelback snake. The snake will try to throw it back out, but in many cases, it will be too late.

Of course, when the frog eats a snake, it also kills it. Some frogs use their long tongues to tie the snake down before swallowing it and letting it suffocate, others pounce on the snake and swallow it. 

Do Frogs Like Eating Snakes?

As we’ve already seen, frogs prefer non-venomous and small snakes. They can also eat venomous ones, but small ones may taste better.

All that being said, snakes are not a core part of a frog’s diet. Frogs eat insects more and do not have a particular preference for snakes.

They would only eat the snake if they get an opportunity, but it doesn’t seem likely that they enjoy snakes.

Snakes are more likely to eat frogs, and they are high predators of amphibians.

Small frogs tend to hide or stay quiet when a snake is moving by because they know they’d get eaten if noticed.

With snake species like the viper, the frog doesn’t stand a chance. Vipers can detect infrared, and will pick up the frog regardless of how quiet the latter is. 

What Type of Frogs Eat Snakes?

The bullfrog is an example of a frog species that can eat a snake. Bullfrogs are highly opportunistic, and they’re known to eat anything from birds to fish.

They won’t miss an opportunity to feast on a snake if need be.

What’s surprising about the bullfrog is that it doesn’t look like a normal predator.

It has no strong teeth or any other sharp tool that would make it stand out as a formidable hunter. What it does have is a big mouth, and this frog can easily swallow an animal.

Other frogs that can eat snakes include the Goliath frog, the Argentine horned frog, and the American tree frog

Don’t Snakes Eat Frogs Instead?

Close Up Hungry Snake Eating a Frog

As stated above, snakes do eat frogs and are considered the most popular predators of both frogs and toads.

However, this doesn’t mean the smaller snakes can’t fall prey to bigger frogs. They are predators and prey of themselves, depending on the species.

Both frogs and snakes have voracious appetites. Snakes are not choosy when looking for a meal. They can eat any animal, including deer, antelope, and even a crocodile!

Many snakes tend to avoid poisonous frogs, but they can eat one if they are resistant to the poison.

Frogs have no issues with eating any snake they find. Once again, they are opportunistic predators.

That said, snakes are more of a predator to frogs than frogs are to snakes.

What Else Do Frogs Eat?

Male Bullfrog Eating Carpenter Frog
Credit: Jupiterimages / Getty Images Pro

The frog is mainly an insectivore. It feeds on flies, bugs, and a host of other insects.

When there’s a shortage of insects in its habitat or it finds the opportunity, frogs can eat fish, smaller mammals, and birds.

The creepy part about frogs is their cannibalistic tendency. Frogs can eat other frogs.

The tadpole isn’t an insectivore or a carnivore. It lives in the water (as opposed to living on both land and in the water), and feeds on plant matter.

Tadpoles do show cannibalistic tendencies too, even more than adults. 

Some frogs hunt using their tongues. These frogs would lie in wait for the unsuspecting prey to get within range, and the tongue strikes.

Others don’t have this ability, so they hunt as other animals do. They would either chase the animal or pounce on it. 

Related Questions

Can a frog fight a snake?

It depends on the frog species and that of the snake. Generally, snakes are stronger than frogs and easily overpower them.

However, frogs shouldn’t be underestimated, especially the big species. They can catch a small snake off guard and eat it. 

What happens when a snake eats a frog?

If a snake eats a nonpoisonous frog, then there won’t be any problems. The snake would also be safe if it is resistant to the toxin of poisonous frogs.

However, if a snake eats a big, poisonous frog, it will be in danger, regardless of whether or not it has resistance. 

What do frogs eat?

Frogs primarily eat insects, but they are not limited to that. They are carnivorous and can eat any living animal that’s smaller than them, including other frogs. 

What do snakes eat?

Snakes are carnivorous with a wide range of options. These reptiles are not known to choose a particular diet and can eat anything, even bigger predators like crocodiles and big herbivores like antelopes. 

What eats snakes?

Snakes can be a prey, depending on their size. Animals that are known to eat snakes include wolverines, mongooses, snake eagles, hedgehogs, and bobcats. Snakes can also eat other snakes. 

What eats frogs?

Many animals prey on frogs, though some predators avoid them because of their toxic skin. Some of their predators are snakes, herons, water shrews, otters, and birds.

Final Thoughts 

So, do frogs eat snakes? Yes, frogs can eat snakes, just as snakes can eat frogs.

It’s a literal jungle out there for these animals, and their survival is dependent on eating an animal and not getting eaten by another animal.

Frogs and snakes are both opportunistic hunters, and in that way they’re alike. 

Were you amazed to know that frogs can eat snakes, or have you figured this out all along? Let us know in the comments below!