200 Animal Trivia Questions For Kids & Adults (With Answers)

Animal Trivia Questions For Kids and Adults (with Answers)

Test your knowledge of the animal kingdom with these jaw-dropping, exciting, and educational animal trivia questions for kids and adults.

The earth is home to roughly 8.7 million animal species, ranging from mammals, reptiles, insects, arachnids, birds, and amphibians.

Remarkably, millions of information available in books, research publications, encyclopedias, and the internet have made it possible to have abundant knowledge of these species.

Still, it remains seemingly impossible to know it all in the animal kingdom. This moment could be the first time of knowing that your pet cat has over a hundred vocal sounds.

Yet, hundreds of more bolt-from-the-blue facts about animals might fascinate you.

Animal Trivia Questions for Kids

With your little eye, you see animal trivia facts ranging from pet to wildlife trivia questions and answers.

1. How many noses does a slug have?
Answer: Four.

2. What is the lifespan of the average housefly?
Answer: Twenty-eight days.

3. Which mammal is the world’s fastest land animal?
Answer: The cheetah.

4. Which two amphibians have tails?
Answer: Salamanders and newts.

5. Which mammal is the tallest non-extinct animal?
Answer: The giraffe.

6. Which bird is considered the world’s largest bird?
Answer: The ostrich.

7. Which mammal is the ocean’s largest animal?
Answer: The Blue Whale.

8. Which marine mammal has the most extended lifespan of over two hundred years?
Answer: The Bowhead Whale.

9. Which fish is the world’s most poisonous animal?
Answer: The pufferfish.

10. Which bird is the world’s fastest?
Answer: The Peregrine Falcon.

11. What class of animal is the dolphin?
Answer: Mammal.

12. What is a group of hedgehogs called?
Answer: Pickle.

13. How far can the Peregrine falcon see?
Answer: One mile away?

14. Which animal’s roar is the loudest of all the big cats?
Answer: The lion.

15. Which bird eats only bones?
Answer: The Bearded Eagle.

16. What animal is said to have nine lives for its ability to withstand falls that could easily kill a human?
Answer: Cat.

17. Which manual is covered in quills?
Answer: Porcupine.

18. The only mammal that cannot jump is?
Answer: The elephant.

19. What animal is known to be “man’s best friend?”
Answer: Dog.

20. What is the world’s largest frog species?
Answer: The Goliath Frog.

21. Which insect became the first animal in space?
Answer: Fruit flies.1

22. How many known ladybug species are in the world?
Answer: Five thousand. 

23. How fast are Dracula ants?
Answer: They move at ninety meters per second.

24. Which insect is the world’s smallest?
Answer: The fairyfly. 

25. Which ant’s sting is revered as the most painful?
Answer: Bullet ant.

26. Why do crickets rub their wings against each other?
Answer: To attract a mate.

27. Which bird’s egg is the largest?
Answer: Ostrich.

28. Which animal is the only mammal that can fly?
Answer: Bat.

29. Which specie of tiger is the largest big cat?
Answer: Siberian tiger.

30. Which land animal has the widest mouth?
Answer: The hippopotamus (3.3 feet in full stretch).

31. How small is an ostrich’s brain?
Answer: Smaller than its eyes.

32. How many bones does a shark have?
Answer: None.

33. Based on stats, what insect is the most dangerous animal to man?
Answer: Mosquito.

34. Which animal can grow until its death?
Answer: Lobster.

35. Which deer specie is the world’s smallest?
Answer: The Pudu. 

36. Which fish is the world’s fastest?
Answer: The sailfish.

37. What is a group of elk?
Answer: A gang.

38. What is the world’s most poisonous frog to man?
Answer: The Golden Poison Dart Frog.

39. What is the world’s smallest dog breed?
Answer: The Chihuahua.

40. How long do elephants sleep in their natural habitat?
Answer: About two hours daily. 

41. Which animal has the longest memory?
Answer: Dolphins.

42. What is a group of rhinoceroses?
Answer: A crash.

43. What is the world’s largest cat breed?
Answer: The Maine Coon.

44. What is the offspring’s name between a male lion and a female tiger?
Answer: Liger.

45. What is the offspring’s name between a female lion and a male tiger?
Answer: Tigon. 

46. What color are the famous black and white Dalmatians at birth?
Answer: White.

47. What do you call a group of rattlesnakes?
Answer: A rhumba.

48. Which animal’s sound is the world’s loudest to man?
Answer: The Blue Whale. 

49. Which two marine animals can their males birth offspring? 
Answer: Seahorses and sea dragons.2

50. What is the world’s biggest fish? 
Answer: The Whale Shark. 

51. What is the world’s largest lizard?
Answer: The Komodo Dragon.

52. What is the world’s largest turtle?
Answer: The Leatherback Turtle.

53. How many bones does an octopus have?
Answer: Zero

54. Which animal is confirmed to survive in outer space? 
Answer: Tardigrades.

55. Which three aquatic animals swallow stones to aid in digestion?
Answer: Seals, crocodiles, and alligators

56. What do you call a group of bees?
Answer: Bike.

57. What is the world’s most dangerous bird to humans?
Answer: The cassowary.

58. How do frogs drink water?
Answer: Through skin absorption.

59. What is the world’s biggest earthworm?
Answer: The Giant Gippsland Earthworm.

60. What organ does a giraffe use to clean its ears?
Answer: Its tongue.

61. Which non-extinct bird has the largest wingspan of all known birds?
Answer: The wandering albatross.

62. What is the world’s deadliest scorpion?
Answer: The Indian red scorpion (Mesobuthus tamulus).

63. What is the world’s largest butterfly?
Answer: The Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing. 

64. What is the world’s largest non-extinct rodent?
Answer: The Capybara.

65. Which is the most popular pet spider species?
Answer: The tarantula. 

66. What is the largest extinct insect ever discovered?
Answer: A dragonfly specie (Meganeuropsis permiana).

67. Which lizard sprints fastest?
Answer: The Perentie.

68. What is the world’s fastest amphibian?
Answer: The Andean Salamander.

69. Which reptile can regrow its limbs?
Answer: The alligator.

70. Which two mammals lay eggs?
Answer: The platypus and echidna.

71. What is a baby kangaroo called?
Answer: A joey.

72. Which domestic dog breed is revered as the world’s fastest?
Answer: The Greyhound.

73. Which lizard waves its forelegs?
Answer: The Bearded Dragon.

74. What is the world’s largest rabbit?
Answer: The Flemish Giant Rabbit.

75. What plant does a panda bear primarily feed on?
Answer: Bamboo.

76. Which reptile urinates from its mouth?
Answer: The Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtle.

Animal Trivia Questions for Adults

We never stop learning; therefore, you will enjoy the following animal quizzes and answers for your leisure.

Mammal Quiz

77. How long do pandas spend eating per day?
Answer: 10 to 16 hours per day. 

78. How many meters away can a wolf pick on its prey’s scent?
Answer: About 3,000 meters.

79. Which animal spends ninety percent of its day sleeping?
Answer: The koala.

80. How far can a skunk spray its musk?
Answer: Over ten feet away with accuracy. 

81. Which animal has three hearts?
Answer: The Octopus.

82. How long is an elephant’s gestation period?
Answer: Twenty-two months.

African Elephant (Loxodonta)

83. How many olfactory receptors do African Elephants have?
Answer: Nearly two thousand.

84. Which animal has the best sense of smell of all terrestrial mammals? 
Answer: The African Elephant. 

85. Which mammal has a four-headed penis?
Answer: The Echidna

86. Which mammal is the farthest migrating land animal?
Answer: The Caribou.

87. Which mammal has the world’s most powerful bite?
Answer: The hippopotamus.

88. What color is a giraffe’s tongue?
Answer:  Purple, blue, or black.

89. A rhinoceros horn is made of?
Answer: Hair.

90. Which animal has stripes on its skin and fur?
Answer: Tiger.

91. Which mammal takes up to two weeks to digest a meal?
Answer: Sloth

92. A Bactrian camel has how many humps?
Answer: Two.

93. What is a cheetah’s lifespan in the wild?
Answer: About twelve years.

94. Which marine mammal uses unique whistles to identify themselves?
Answer: Dolphins.

95. How rich is a nursing blue whale’s milk?
Answer: A blue whale’s milk is rich, containing about forty percent fat and thirteen percent protein.

96. How much milk can a cow produce in its lifetime?
Answer: About 200,000 glasses. 

97. Which mammal can stand on its tail?
Answer: The kangaroo.

98. How many animal species are on earth?
Answer: 8.7 million.

99. What part of a rodent continues growing until its death?
Answer: The teeth.

100. How many vocal sounds does a cat have?
Answer: Over 100 vocal sounds.

101. How many vocal sounds do dogs have?
Answer: Ten.

102. What part of its body does a dog sweat from? 
Answer: The paws.

103. A reindeer’s gold-colored eyes change to what color during winter?
Answer: Blue.

104. Which animal can survive without directly drinking water throughout its life?
Answer: The Kangaroo Rat.

105. Which animal’s poop comes out in cubes?
Answer: The bare-nosed wombat.

106. Which animal has no vocal cords?
Answer: The giraffe.3

107. What is the color of a Polar Bear’s hair?
Answer: A Polar Bear’s hair is hollow and transparent, reflecting all the visible wavelengths of light to look white.

108. What is the color of a Polar Bear’s skin?
Answer: Black. 

109. What is the world’s only venomous primate?
Answer: The Slow Loris.

110. Which animal’s blood pressure is highest?
Answer: The giraffe.

111. How many pounds does a baby blue whale gain per day through its first year?
Answer: 200 pounds.

112. What do the wrinkles on a gorilla’s nose look like in the human body?
Answer: A human’s fingerprint.

113. How much can a gorilla eat per day?
Answer: Up to 40 pounds.

114. What do several monkey species use to wash their hands and feet?
Answer: Their urine

115. How many scent receptors do dogs have?
Answer: 220 million.

116. What mammals have no stomachs?
Answer: Platypus and echidna.

117. A black panther is a black version of what two big cats?
Answer: A leopard or jaguar.

118. How many muscles does a domestic cat have in each ear?
Answer: Thirty-two.

119. When does a pig’s tail curl?
Answer: When it is happy.

120. How much does the average horse eat in a year?
Answer: Seven times its weight.

121. Which animal has the thickest fur?
Answer: The Sea Otter.

122. How many colors can a bat see?
Answer: None; bats are colorblind.

123. How do prairie dogs recognize themselves?
Answer: By touching their teeth.

124. Which animal’s fingerprints are most similar to humans?
Answer: Koalas.

125. Besides humans, which primate can have blue eyes?
Answer: The Black Lemur.

126. What is the Narwhal’s “tusk?”
Answer: An enlarged tooth.

127. How many nerve endings are inside a Narwhal’s tusk?
Answer: About ten million.

128. Which marine mammal holds hands with its young to avoid drifting apart while sleeping?
Answer: Sea Otters.

Reptiles Quiz

129. A snake’s organ of smell is?
Answer: Its tongue.

130. Which snake can glide up to 100 meters through the air?
Answer: The Chrysopelea.

131. Which tortoise species is believed to have the longest lifespan, at around 255 years?

Common Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana) Up Close on Hard Floor

132. How long can an iguana hold its breath?
Answer: Twenty minutes.

133. What is the world’s largest snake?
Answer: The green anaconda.

134. Which reptile can detach its tail in danger and regrow it?
Answer: Lizard.

135. Which lizard shoots blood from its eyes to scare predators?
Answer: The Short-Horned Lizard.

136. How sensitive is a helmet gecko’s eye?
Answer: 350 times higher than a human’s.4

137. A chameleon has how many skin layers?
Answer: Four.

138. Which animal can independently move its eyes?
Answer: Chameleon.

139. How long is a chameleon’s tongue?
Answer: Its body length.

140. Which animal exhales from its butt?
Answer: The turtle.

141. Which turtle cannot retract into its shell?
Answer: The sea turtle.

142. How long can an Alaskan wood frog survive being frozen?
Answer: Seven months.

143. Why does the poison dart frog have brightly colored skin?
Answer: To scare off predators.

144. Which frog has translucent skin that allows you to see its internal organs?
Answer: A glass frog.

145. How far can a frog jump?
Answer: Most species can jump over twenty times their body length.5

146. Which animal is notorious for not sleeping?
Answer: The Bullfrog.

147. The animal with the most color-receptive cones in its eyes is?
Answer: The Mantis Shrimp. 

148. Where is a shrimp’s heart?
Answer: In its head.

149. Which fish species are all born as males?
Answer: The clownfish.

150. How many brains does a starfish have?
Answer: Zero

151. Which fish migrates farthest?
Answer: The Gilded Catfish.

152. How far can a flying fish fly?
Answer: 1,312 feet.

153. Which frog can leap the farthest?
Answer: South African Sharp-nosed Frog. 

154. Which animal accelerates to a velocity nearly a thousand times its body length per second at 200 ms-2?
Answer: Copepods. 

155. What does an octopus taste with?
Answer: With its touch.

156. How many years have sharks been on earth?
Answer: About 455 million years ago.

157. Where can you find a starfish’s eyes?
Answer: At the end of its arms.

158. How many eyes does a box jellyfish have?
Answer: Twenty-four.

159. How many brains does a jellyfish have?
Answer: Zero

160. How many hearts does a jellyfish have?
Answer: Zero

161. Which fish can deliver electric shocks up to 860 volts?
Answer: The Electrophorus voltai.

Insects Quiz

162. Which insect can change its color?
Answer: The golden tortoise beetle.

163. How much can a horned dung beetle pull?
Answer: Up to 1,141 times its weight.

164. The tubular heart of a cockroach has how many chambers?
Answer: Thirteen.

165. How many eyes does a caterpillar have?
Answer: Twelve.

166. How many muscles are in a common caterpillar’s head?
Answer: 248 muscles.

167. How many hearts do leeches have?
Answer: Two.

168. How many eggs can a German cockroach hatch in a year?
Answer: 30,000

169. How many brains do leeches have?
Answer: Thirty-two.

170. How many testicles do leeches have?
Answer: Eighteen.

171. How many jaws do leeches have?
Answer: Three.

172. Where can you find the praying mantis ear?
Answer: On its chest.

173. Which animal has the fastest snapping jaw?
Answer: The Dracula ant.6

174. How long have honey bees been living on earth?
Answer: About 130 million years.

175. How long have dragonflies been living on earth?
Answer: About 300 million years.

176. What is the female mayfly (Dolania americana) lifespan?
Answer: Five minutes.

177. Which insect is regarded as nature’s most powerful jumper?
Answer: The froghopper.7

178. Where would you find a cricket’s ears?
Answer: On its legs.

179. The American field ant can withstand pressures reaching?
Answer: 5,000 times its weight.8

180. What is a bee’s average flight speed?
Answer: Fifteen miles per hour.

181. How many frames per second does a bumblebee flap its wings?
Answer: 5,000.

182. What is the world’s loudest insect?
Answer: The cicada.

183. What do butterflies taste with?
Answer: Their feet.

184. How many flowers will a honeybee visit to make one pound of honey?
Answer: Two million flowers.

185. Which caterpillar is assumed as the world’s largest?
Answer: Hickory Horned Devil.

Birds Quiz

186. Which penguin has the highest ‘out-of-water’ jump?
Answer: The Adélie Penguin.

187. What makes flamingos pink?
Answer: A diet of shrimps, algae, and crustaceans.

188. While flamingos turn pink because of their diets, what color are they?
Answer: White

189. How many feathers does the budgerigar have?
Answer: About 3,000 feathers.

190. Which chicken lays blue and green eggs?
Answer: The Araucana.

191. How many times can a woodpecker peck per second?
Answer: Twenty.

Emperor Penguins Swimming in Deep Waters

192. How long can an Emperor Penguin stay underwater?
Answer: 27 minutes.

193. Regarding DNA and bone comparison, what two birds are the tyrannosaurus’ closest living relatives?
Answer: Chickens and Ostriches. 

194. What does a male penguin often give to a female to win her over?
Answer: Pebbles.

195. Where can you find a Kiwi Bird’s nostrils? 
Answer: At the end of its beak.

196. Which eagle species is the largest?
Answer: The largest eagle by all metrics of comparing an eagle’s size is the Stellar’s Sea Eagle.

197. Which bird is the world’s farthest migrating?
Answer: The Arctic Tern.

198. Which species die after giving birth?
Answer: The squid, mayfly, octopus, and salmon.

199. What is the only known animal that can live forever?
Answer: The jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii.

Costa's Hummingbird (Calypte costae)

200. Which bird can fly backward?
Answer: The Hummingbird.

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