Do Frogs Eat Fish? What Animals Do Frogs Eat?

Do Frogs Eat Fish What Animals Do Frogs Eat

Frogs are more intelligent and fiercer than they appear, and to many insects, they’re devils.

The main diet of an adult frog consists of insects, and once it gets a hold of the insect with its tongue, the little creature doesn’t have a prayer.

Frogs also feed on some smaller vertebrates, so we know they can eat other animals other than insects. But what about fish?

These amphibians live in aquatic environments where fishes abound, so do frogs eat fish, or is their diet restricted to insects and a supplement of vertebrates?

The simple answer is that frogs can eat anything animal, including fish. While their primary prey is insects, if they find themselves in an environment where those are lacking, they can turn towards fish.

A starving frog can pick any option, and tadpoles are even known to feed on themselves.

Here’s a lot more on the subject of frogs eating fish, and how wide their diet can be.

Do Frogs Eat Fish?

Horned Frog Hunting a Small Fish
Credit: aloke1984tw / Getty Images

Frogs are not picky predators. On a good day, they would be focused on insects flying around that they may not have time for smaller fish.

However, insects aren’t always available. Left with no other options except starving, frogs can eat fish.

They are often termed “opportunistic hunters”, which means that they don’t actively go hunting for their preferred prey. They take advantage of what is around, and to those that live on ponds and lakes, that can mean fish.

These amphibians have a voracious appetite and will want to satisfy it as long as there’s an animal its tongue can hold. 

They hardly eat dead animals though, even dead insects. They’re more likely to attempt trapping a living prey than munching decaying matter.

Tadpoles are the only exceptions. They can eat dead fish and even go as far as eating themselves. 

Do Frogs Eat Small or Large Fish?

Horned Frog Picking Up a Small Fish with Tongue to Eat
Credit: aloke1984tw / Getty Images

The ideal fish size for a frog is not bigger than the space between its eyes and can easily stick to the tongue. Having said that, these amphibians come in different sizes.

The bigger species like the American bullfrog can feed on bigger fish. They use their hands to eat—more than their tongues—and their main prey isn’t insects. 

Smaller frogs are limited to tiny fishes and would be considered prey to big ones. The tadpoles can’t eat any fish, but they can eat fish eggs. 

Do Frogs Eat Fish Eggs?

Tadpoles might eat fish eggs the same way they would eat other tadpoles. While they’re herbivores, they are not developed enough to tell the main differences between plants and animals in the water.

Adult frogs hardly eat fish eggs. As we explained above, they feed on live and moving prey.

It is the movement of the prey that attracts them, so they may not even be interested in going after a fish egg. 

Can Frogs and Fish Live in the Same Tank?

Since there are many fish and frog species, the question of frogs and fish in the same tank has no yes/no answer. It all depends on the species involved, their sizes, and their needs.

In most cases, frogs and fish don’t make good tank mates. A bigger frog can be tempted to feed on the small fish and a big fish on a small frog.

Also, their temperature requirements differ. Frogs prefer a higher temperature which would be intolerable for the fish. 

Furthermore, some fish species like constant company, but frogs are solitary animals and do not stay in water often. These social fish species would find frogs to be bad company.

Some fishes and frogs can coexist though. An example is the American dwarf frog and many fish species.

The American dwarf frog spends most of its time underwater, and its preferred temperature is fish friendly. 

What Other Animals Can Frogs Eat?

As strong carnivores with a voracious appetite, frogs eat a lot more than insects, vertebrates, and fish.

We’ll look into some animal options available for the amphibians and see whether they bite.

Do Frogs Eat Frogs?

Male Bullfrog Eating Carpenter Frog
Credit: Jupiterimages / Getty Images Pro

When there’s an extreme shortage of goods, frogs can eat other frogs. This behavior isn’t limited to tadpoles but extends to adults.

Being without food stresses them, and they can go to any lengths to have food. 

Do Frogs Eat Snails?

If it is bigger than the snail, the snail will become a meal. Frogs can eat snails if they happen to come across one and are hungry at that moment. 

Do Frogs Eat Rodents?

Not all frogs can eat rodents, but big ones like the American bullfrog does. They are more active hunters, and will not hesitate to grab onto a passing rodent.  

Do Frogs Eat Flies and Wasps?

The answer to this is a definite yes. As the stereotype goes, flies and wasps are flying insects and easy targets for opportunistic frogs. The tongue strikes fast before the insect suspects anything.  

Do Frogs Eat Birds?

No frog can eat a bird, even if they bigger than the bird. The bullfrog can’t also eat a bird. On the other hand, birds prey a lot on them. 

What Should I (Never) Feed My Frog?

A pet frog can be fed live insects, rodents, and other smaller animals (except birds). The animals need to be alive, not dead, so you can replicate how your pet frog would feed in the wild.

The number of insects and small animals needed in a day depends on the frog species as some are more active than others. They can also get obese, so control their feeding.

Feeding a frog leftover human food is a bad idea. Fruits and vegetables are also unhealthy for the adult frog.


Do Frogs Eat Vegetables?

Tadpoles are herbivores and can eat vegetables, but adult frogs don’t, and it isn’t consistent with their system. Tadpoles start by eating aquatic plants. When they grow, they become carnivores and feed mainly on plant matter. 

Do Fish Eat Frogs?

Certain fish species return the favor, and they become the predator of these amphibians. Some fish eat frogs, especially when they are bigger. In reality, it is more common for a  fish to feed on a frog, than vice versa.

Fish prey on frogs a lot when they are still tadpoles. Tadpoles are fully aquatic but do not have the same swimming prowess as fish.

As such, it can fall victim to the fish’s hunger. Fish species like the largemouth bass and pikes can feed on adult frogs. 


Frogs can eat fish, and a variety of other animals smaller than them, including rodents.

They have a strong appetite and are willing to eat any animal that is alive, especially when there’s a shortage of food. They might even end up eating themselves. 

If you have this amphibian as a pet, be prepared to give it a lot of small live animals, but not to the extent of gaining excess weight.

It should also not be made a tank mate of a fish unless your species can coexist with fishes.

Featured Image Credit: aloke1984tw / Getty Images