What Is A Group Of Eagles Called? (Collective Nouns)

What is a Group of Eagles Called (Collective Nouns for Eagles)

Eagles are large and graceful birds famous for their stealthy nature and great vision.

During mating seasons, these large birds of prey gather in numbers and engage in courtship displays with their famous mating dance.

Just like the hundreds of other collective names for animals when they gather, what is a group of eagles called?

A “convocation” or “soar” are two collective nouns commonly used to describe a group of eagles. These terms are highly subjective and vary from country to country.

However, when eagles gather together, they can be referred to by many other names, such as a colony, jubilee, flock, or spread.

While there are numerous collective nouns for these birds, their nature and dynamics determine the appropriate term to use.

Collective Noun for Eagles: What is a Group of Eagles Called?

A group of eagles is commonly referred to as a soar or a convocation.

A soar of eagles is sed to describe these birds soaring high in the sky, while a convocation of eagles refers to a large gathering in an area.

Other collective nouns used for to describe eagles when they gather are listed below.

  • Nest
  • Spread
  • Colony
  • Eyrie
  • Brood
  • Jubilee
  • Aerie
  • Flock
  • Stooping
  • Tower

How Eagles Got Their Strange Collective Nouns

Eagle Groups Looking for Prey on Lake

Interestingly, some other birds, specifically closely related species like hawks and kites, share some of the collective nouns with eagles.

The collective nouns used to describe the group are influenced by the context, language used, species, and country of origin.

Increased urbanization has led to the extinction of many eagle species. A study of the African crowned eagle showed that urbanization posed a great risk to the convocation of eagles due to human-caused mortality.

It is also not uncommon for eagles’ nests to fail and immature eagles to prey on people’s pets.

A Convocation of Eagles

The origin of the collective noun “convocation of eagles” dates back to medieval times from the observation of the dark plumages of eagles which the Latin word “Aquila” or the French word “Aigle” denotes, from which the English term “convocation” was derived.

An Aerie of eagles

The term “aerie of eagles” dates back to the 1580s when eagles’ nests were associated with the Latin word “area”, which means “nest of a bird of prey,” or with the old French word “Aire,” which means nest.

Another theory links it to “atrium,” which was mistakenly thought to be derived from Middle English “ey,” which means egg, due to the eggs they lay.

A Soar of Eagles

A Soar of Eagles Flying High in Blue Sky

A soar of eagles was given because they were observed to stretch their large wings and soar through the sky instead of flapping it, unlike other birds.

This collective noun is believed to have originated from bible passages like Isaiah 40:31, which acknowledged the eagles’ soaring ability.

When Do Eagles Form Groups Together?

Eagles are commonly spotted together outside of the breeding season. They are also usually spotted together during migration.

However, young birds stay with their adult parents in nests during breeding seasons for some time, though the time varies according to species.

Generally, this time lasts for a few weeks. During this time, they are highly territorial and aggressive towards other birds to protect their young and their patch of territory used for catching prey.

During migration, each bird is on its own and is not cooperating with any other species.

They form large numbers during this period because they are all going to the same place, therefore sharing similar routes, and also they can’t escape sharing the same wind currents and thermals which aid their flight.

A Soar of Eagles Flying Against Dramatic Sky

Migration groups can vary in numbers ranging from hundreds of birds to thousands.

Bald eagles tolerate other bird species and will happily flock around, except if it is another member species that they aren’t tolerant of.

Golden eagles, on the other hand, only tolerate their mating partners as they are not sociable, even when it’s not breeding season.

Stella’s sea eagles live in flocks or loosely organized clusters and happily form groups from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a convocation of eagles?

The Latin word “Aquila” or the French word “Aigle,” from which the English word convocation is derived, means dark colored. It is, therefore, conventional to refer to a group of eagles as a convocation due to their dark-colored plumages.

Also, these birds are solitary and hardly flock with unrelated species. A pair mate for life and raise their young together, which could take many years.

Consequently, when eagles are spotted congregating together, they are usually within the same family: two adult parents and multiple juveniles. This group is commonly called a convocation. An Aerie can also be used to describe such a group.

Why is it called a soar of eagles?

Eagles are famous for their unique style of flight. They can reach a height of 12,000 ft above sea level at amazing flight speeds. This capability of flying high gives the eagle great leverage as they don’t need to look for shelter during rainy weather.

They can fly above the clouds due to their strong wings, which they flap to increase their altitude. The characteristic of eagles flying or soaring high in the sky is why a group is often referred to as a soar.

Why is it called an aerie of eagles?

Aerie means a lofty nest of birds of prey, including hawks and eagles. Since eagles live and make their nests at extreme heights, an aerie of eagles is often used to describe a group of them.

Why is it called a spread of eagles?

A spread of eagles can be used to categorize a group because eagles are known to detach or separate from their group while hunting or when searching for food, therefore spreading over a territory to hunt.

Why is it called a colony of eagles?

Eagles often thrive in colonies, forming large settlements in areas where they live. Therefore, the collective noun colony can be used to refer to them.

What is a group of bald eagles called?

A “comeback” or “toupee” of bald eagles are two collective nouns specifically used to refer to a group of bald eagles.

The bald eagle is a big and powerful bird with white feathers on its head, contrasting with its body’s color. It catches its prey with its sharp talons and grows to a height of 2.5–3.5 inches.

What is a group of golden eagles called?

A “flock” is the collective noun for a group of golden eagles. They are powerful birds with sharp talons, which they use to attack animals. They are dangerous, too, with a broad wingspan reaching 6–7 feet.

What do u call a group of eagles?

Eaglets are used to refer to a group of baby eagles. Eaglets are born blind and deaf and can’t fly for the first few weeks after emerging from eggs. They are also called nestlings, fledglings, and juveniles, depending on their life stage.

What is a female eagle called?

The male and female members of this species of bird are called eagles. There is no distinctive name for the different genders.

Interesting Facts About Eagles

  • A bald eagle is not bald. Its head is covered with white feathers, contrasting with its body’s color, giving it an illusion of being bald.
  • Many eagle species are found worldwide, but the bald eagle is particularly found in North America, the only species native to the continent.
  • The bald eagle has a long lifespan. The oldest bald eagle recorded reached 38 years old before it was accidentally killed in the United States. 
  • A bald eagle’s surprisingly soft and chirpy call contrasts its powerful appearance. 
  • Bald eagles are good swimmers. When they catch salmons, which are too heavy to fly with, they swim towards the shore, oaring the waters with their wings.
  • The wingspan of a bald eagle is slightly greater than that of a great blue heron at 203.96cm. A mature bird of this species weighs between 3 to 6.30kg, with the females typically weighing higher.
  • It is illegal to kill a bald eagle in the United States, even in self-defense. Doing so is a criminal offense. Selling a bald eagle is considered the same crime as killing it.
  • The harpy eagle is the most powerful eagle in the world.


As much as eagles are considered aggressive, they protect each other from predators.

They protect and take care of their young, too, and specifically hunt for prey that is approachable.

With an increasing population, being in the wild still exposes them to life-threatening challenges that reduce their lifespan.

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