Top 70 Best Zoos In The World – Experience Wildlife In 2024

Top 70 Best Zoos in the World to Experience Wildlife

There are numerous zoos and wildlife parks established all over the world, from the Americas to Europe, down to Africa and Asia.

These zoos host a variety of animals and are good choices for a family visit, especially if you have a child who has been begging to go see animals.

We’ve done our research and have put together 70 of the best zoos in the world from different countries.

These top zoos and wildlife parks include the famous San Diego Zoo, Loro Parque, Singapore Zoo, Henry Doorly, and the Rotterdam Zoo. 

There is no particular order in which we listed the zoos, so you can either check them out chronologically, look up their websites, or just skip to the one you most prefer.

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The Best Zoos In The World 

1. San Diego Zoo, USA

Entrance of San Diego Zoo
(c) Wikimedia

The San Diego Zoo is the most visited zoo in the United States, with an estimated 4 million visitors coming in a year.

It is also considered one of the best zoos in the world as a whole.

It was founded in 1916, and many years later, it contains over 4,000 animals categorized into 650 species.

It is run by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, a private nonprofit organization. This zoo practices an open-air, cageless exhibit.

2. Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

The Loro Parque can be directly translated as parrot park, but in English, it is simply called the Loro Park.

It draws in over 40 million visitors in a year, making it one of the biggest attractions in Spain and possibly the whole world.

The Loro Parque was made for parrots in 1972, and it is currently a haven for over 4,000 animals representing 350 species.

This remains the largest parrot collection in the world. 

3. Singapore Zoo, Singapore

The Singapore Zoo once went by the names Singapore Zoological Gardens and Mandai Zoo.

The Orangutan Island is one of its biggest assets as it contains the largest captive colony of orangutans in the world.

This zoo was first conceived in 1969, and in 1973 it opened its gates for the first time. It exhibits animals with hidden bars and a glass that separates them from visitors.

This is a highly-ranked zoo, making it one of the best.

4. Henry Doorly, Nebraska, USA

The Henry Doorly is fully termed Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

It was listed as the world’s best zoo by TripAdvisor in 2014, measured based on reviews.

It even surpassed the San Diego Zoo that year. The Henry Doorly’s charm is in its exhibits, as well as its mission of conservation.

It began in 1894 as the Riverview Park Zoo. This zoo offers opportunities for entertainment, education, and research.

5. Rotterdam Zoo, Netherlands

Oceanium at Rotterdam Zoo Netherlands

The Rotterdam Zoo is one of the oldest in the Netherlands, and it also goes by the name Diergaarde Blijdorp.

The foundations for this zoo date as far back as 1855, when a garden was set up for pheasants and waterfowl.

The special aspect of this zoo is its division into different zoogeographic regions, and it has over 180 species.

6. St. Louis Zoo, USA

The Saint Louis Zoo is officially known as the Saint Louis Zoological Park, and the coolest part about this zoo is that admission is free!

This is possible thanks to a public subsidy, though you’d have to pay for some attractions inside.

This zoo came into existence in 1910, making it over 100 years of existence. The Saint Louis Zoo currently houses over 1,700 animals of 600 species. 

7. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens, USA

The Cincinnati Zoo & botanical gardens are known for their variety of interesting wildlife like King cobras, Aardvarks, Eastern bongos, and lemurs.

It was founded in 1873 and officially began running in 1875. In 1987, it was appointed as a National Historic Landmark.

The zoo houses over 1800 animals of 500 species. It also has over 3000 plant species, a trait that distinguishes it from other places we’ve mentioned. 

8. Australia Zoo, Australia

The Australia Zoo is located specifically in Queensland, and it is currently owned by Terri Irwin, a television personality and conservationist who is the widow of the popular Steve Irwin.

It first began in 1970 by the parents of Steve, who then passed it down to him.

Its exhibits include an African Safari exhibit, a Crocoseum, an Elephantasia, and a Tiger Temple.

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9. Bronx Zoo, New York, USA

The Bronx zoo is one of the largest zoos in the United States, and it is also highly visited, with around 2.15 million visitors per year.

It was first opened in 1899 under the directorship of William Temple Hornaday, who served for 30 years.

It had once gone by the names Bronx zoological park and Bronx zoological gardens.

There are exhibits in this zoo that you can view for free, while others require a fee.

10. ZSL London Zoo, UK

The ZSL London zoo can simply be called London zoo or goes by the longer name London Zoological Gardens.

When it first originated in 1826, the intention was for it to be a collection for scientific study.

That changed in 1847 when the zoo was opened to the public. It has since expanded and currently houses over 19,289 individuals grouped under 673 species.

This marks the zoo as one of the largest collections in the United Kingdom.

11. Lisbon Zoo, Portugal

The Lisbon zoo is called the Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa in Portugal, and it was founded in 1884, though the idea for it began 2 years before.

It was the first zoo in its region, and in the 1st year alone, it got over 170,000 visitors. It is now a home for about 2,000 animals, comprised of 300 species.

The total number of visitors it gets in a year reaches up to 800,000.

12. ZooParc de Beauval, France

The ZooParc de Beauval can also be called Beauval zoo or just Beauval.

It was created in 1980 by Françoise Delord, and from there, it grew. It is currently one of the largest animal collections both in France and in Europe at large.

It houses over 35,000 animals on 40 hectares. The ZooParc also has many attractive features, like la Savane Africaine, the Australian House, the Manatee Basin, and the Gorilla Complex.

13. Zoo Berlin, Germany 

The Zoo Berlin‘s official name is the Berlin Zoological Garden, and in German, it is called the Zoologischer Garten Berlin.

It was opened in 1844, making it the oldest zoo in Germany. With over 3.5 million visitors in a year, it is also one of the most popular zoos both in Germany and worldwide.

This place contains over 20,200 animals of 1380 species. It also has an aquarium which draws in a lot of visitors as well.

14. Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria

The Schönbrunn Zoo is also called Vienna zoo, and in German, it goes by Tiergarten Schönbrunn.

It is the world’s oldest existing zoo, as it was established in 1752, more than 200 years back. It also gets over 2 million visitors yearly.

The zoo houses over 8,000 individuals grouped into 707 species, and it is given to breeding programs.

It also has a lot of attractions like the giant pandas, an exhibition for polar bears, and a rainforest house.

15. Toronto Zoo, Canada

Toronto zoo is the largest zoo in Canada, measuring 710 acres. It also gets a high number of visitors, often going over 1 million in a year.

It was established in 1974 as the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo, though the plans began before then. It became the Toronto zoo in 1998.

It currently houses over 5,000 animals, represented by 500 species. It is also divided into seven zoogeographic regions, including Africa, the Americas, and the Canadian Domain.

16. Beijing Zoo, China

The Beijing zoo is right in the capital of China, and that alone makes it a center of attraction for tourists.

The zoo is also the oldest in China as well as the oldest public park in Northern China.

It was established during the late Qing dynasty in 1906. This zoo draws in more than 5 million visitors every year.

It also houses over 14,500 animals, divided into 450 land animal species and 500 marine animal species.

17. Houston Zoo, Texas, USA

The Houston zoo is found in a larger Hermann park and is quite popular in the United States.

It is the second most visited zoo in the United States, getting up to 2.1 million visitors per year. This zoo was established in 1922.

It currently houses over 6,000 animals represented by 600 species, and it comes with many exhibits like the Texas wetlands, the Sea Lion pool, and a carnivore display.

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18. National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, South Africa

The National Zoological Gardens also goes by the name Pretoria zoo, and it is the national zoo of South Africa.

Ratings for this zoo are high, making it one of the most rated. It is also one of the largest zoos in the world, covering 200 acres of land.

It was established in 1899 and currently gets more than 600,000 visitors each year. There are many exhibits with animals like African penguins, lemurs, and hippos.

19. Smithsonian National Zoological Park, USA

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park is also referred to as the National Zoological Park or the National Zoo, and it offers free admission.

It was founded in 1889 and has since had a successful run, except for the COVID-19 pandemic when it was shut down.

It reopened on May 21, 2021. Exhibits include a Giant Panda habitat, the Asia trail, and Lemur Island.

20. Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

The Taronga zoo is the largest in Australia and is also old, being over 100 years.

It was established in 1916 with the name being an aboriginal word that means “beautiful view.”

The place houses over 2,000 animals represented by 150 species. A lot of these species are rare, which is a good reason to visit. Exhibits include Wild Australia and the African Savannah.

21. Los Angeles Zoo, USA

The Los Angeles zoo is owned by Los Angeles city, and most of the employees are handled by the city.

The facilities and animals are also under the responsibility of the city. The zoo started in 1966, established after Eastlake zoo (1885) and Griffith Park zoo (1912).

There are 1,400 animals of over 270 species. Exhibits include a botanical garden, the Campo Gorilla Reserve, and the chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains.

22. Parque das Aves, Brazil

The Parque das Aves means “Bird Park” in English, and it is located close to the Iguaçu falls.

It is recent compared to other zoos on this list, having been established in 1994. It is a small zoo measuring around 40 acres.

However, it holds many attractions that make it a part of this list. Exhibits often portray butterflies, birds, and some other animals.

23. Zoo La Palmyre, France

Zoo la Palmyre is a fancy French zoo located in southwestern France, particularly in Les Mathes, Charente-Maritime.

It was established in 1966 by Claude Caillé, though the project began back in 1957.

La Palmyre is concerned with the conservation of threatened species, including the Scimitar oryx, orangutans of Borneo, the Asian elephant, and the White rhinoceros.

24. Colombus Zoo and Aquarium, USA

The Colombus zoo and Aquarium has a good reputation thanks to the director named Jack Hanna.

It has been named the number one zoo in the United States both by the USA Travel Guide and the Besties Readers Choice.

With over 2.3 million visitors a year, the choice isn’t surprising. There are over 7,000 animals represented by 800 species.

The zoo is divided into regions, and showcases exhibits like the Adventure Cove, the Polar Frontier, and Asia Quest.

25. Wellington Zoo, New Zealand

The Wellington zoo is New Zealand’s oldest zoo and was established in 1906. Measuring 32 acres, it is a relatively small zoo.

Dedicated to animal welfare, the Wellington zoo contributes to a lot of breeding and conservation programs within their zoo in particular and the country at large.

There are over 500 animals represented by 80 species.

26. Moscow Zoo, Russia 

The Moscow zoo is also known as the Moskovsky Zoopark. It was established in 1864 and became a publicly owned property under the control of the government of Moscow.

It has long expanded as the years go by, now containing over 10,000 animals represented by around 1,200 species. 

27. Chester Zoo, UK

The Chester zoo is one of the largest zoos in the United Kingdom, and it is one of the most visited wildlife attractions in Britain.

The zoo is operated by a registered charity known as the North of England Zoological Society.

Exhibits include islands, elephants of the Asian forest, Spirit of the Jaguar, and Realm of the Red Ape.

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28. Basel Zoo, Switzerland

The official name of the Basel zoo is the Zoologischer Garten Basel, which in English is named the Basel Zoological Gardens.

It is both the oldest and largest zoo in Switzerland. The Basel zoo was established in 1874, and so far, it has gotten over 1 million visitors.

There are over 6,800 animals in the wild, represented by 645 species.

29. Dublin Zoo, Ireland

The Dublin zoo is a very popular attraction in Dublin. It has been in existence since 1830, though its official opening was in 1831.

The zoo currently houses over 400 animals representing 100 species, and as a good attraction, it gets over 1 million visitors yearly.

Habitats include the Himalayan hills, the orangutan forest, and the family farm.

30. Sao Paulo Zoo, Brazil 

The Sao Paulo zoo is the largest in Brazil, measuring around 200 acres. It was opened in 1958, though it was created a year before.

It currently houses over 3200 animals, represented by more than 400 species. This zoo has a recovery program, and other educational endeavors visitors can benefit from.

One special exhibit of the Sao Paulo zoo is the nursery for cubs rejected by their mother.

31. Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan

The Ueno zoo is located in Japan’s capital city, and it is the oldest zoo in the country.

The zoo itself is contained under Ueno park and is owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan government.

It was established in 1882 after it began as a menagerie park. It is home to over 2,600 individuals, represented by 500 species.

There are two sections of the zoo connected by a bridge known as the Aesop.

32. Philadelphia Zoo, United States 

The Philadelphia Zoo is the first true zoo in the United States, and it is located in the state from which it got its name.

The Philadelphia zoo is currently owned by the Zoological Society of Philadelphia, and it gets an estimate of over 1 million visitors.

The zoo was established in 1874. At the onset, it began with 1,000 animals.

Now that has increased to 1,300, and you’d find many endangered animals.

33. Valencia Bioparc, Spain

The Valencia Bioparc is young compared to others on this list, having been established in 2008.

It is designed and managed by a private Spanish company named Rainforest but is owned by the City Council of Valencia.

The Bioparc has a unique concept known as zooimersion where visitors are immersed in the animal’s habitat.

They don’t place their animals in cages. Another uniqueness is the display of Africa’s animals and plants.

34. Prague Zoo, Czech Republic

The Prague Zoo is quite big, and it is a center of attraction in its country. It was established in 1931 when it first got opened to the public, but the idea for the zoo came in 1881.

It is considered one of the best zoos in the world. There are over 6,000 animals in this zoo, including a collection of Chinese giant salamanders.

35. Edinburgh Zoo, United Kingdom 

The Edinburgh Zoo was formerly known as the Scottish National Zoological Park till its name change.

It was established in 1913 and has since been getting a lot of visitors, estimated at over 600,000 a year. It broke a record by being the first zoo in the world to house a penguin.

The latter has become one of their major exhibits, alongside others like giant pandas, chimpanzees, and koalas.

36. Gramado Zoo, Brazil

The Gramado zoo is especially focused on animals living in Brazil, and there’s a strong emphasis on animal welfare.

It is seen as one of the best in South America, and because of its emphasis on animal welfare, the animals are brought as rescue.

This means they are well-treated. There are over 1,500 animals in the zoo, and the place is spacious. 

37. Brookfield Zoo, United States

The Brookfield zoo is also known as the Chicago Zoological Park, and its uniqueness is in the use of moats and ditches rather than cages to separate animals.

The zoo was established on July 1, 1934, and hit one million visitors in September. It currently houses over 2300 animals of 450 species.

The Brookfield zoo is the first in the United States to exhibit giant pandas. It also has an indoor dolphin exhibit and an indoor exhibit stimulation.

38. Taipei Zoo, Taiwan

The Taipei zoo is also known as the “Muzha zoo,” and it is the most famous zoo in Taiwan.

It is also rated as one of the largest zoos in Asia, measuring up to 165 hectares. The Taipei zoo was established in 1914 under the name Maruyama zoo.

The zoo currently houses 2407 individuals represented by 354 species.

39. Zoo Leipzig, Germany 

The Zoo Leipzig is also known as the Leipzig Zoological Garden or just simply the Leipzig zoo.

Its uniqueness is in the six different themes it showcases, which provide the appropriate habitat for species.

Zoo Leipzig was established in 1878 and became a property of the city of Leipzig in 1920. Some animals you’ll find are chimpanzees, gorillas, and lions.

40. Woodland Park Zoo, Washington, United States 

The Woodland park zoo is a highly awarded establishment with over 1 million visitors annually.

The winner of 67 awards in different categories, the Woodland park zoo is an attractive site for Washington residents and visitors.

It was opened in 1899 and has since expanded to become a well-visited zoo.

Exhibits include a gorilla habitat (the world’s first immersion exhibit), tropical Asia, and the African Savannah.

41. Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden, Hungary

The Budapest zoo and Botanical Garden is the oldest zoo in Hungary and one of the oldest in the world.

It was established on 9 August 1866, but the foundations were laid in the 1820s and 1830s.

The zoo currently houses over 10,000 individuals represented by more than 1,000 species.

Its visitors get to over 1 million, and this is thanks to the multiple exhibits like The Magical Hill, the Savannah Zone, the America Tropicana, and the Australia Zone.

42. Dallas Zoo, United States

The Dallas Zoo is also known as the Dallas Zoological Park, and it is the oldest in Texas.

It also happens to be the largest, measuring over 106 acres. The Dallas Zoo was established in 1888 and has since expanded to house over 2,000 individuals and 406 species.

The zoo is divided into two main regions: ZooNorth and Wilds of Africa.

43. Temaiken Zoo, Argentina

The Temaiken Zoo is a special one in Argentina because it is the only zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

It measures 72 hectares and houses mainly native wildlife alongside threatened species.

Tourists love the Temaiken Zoo as they get to experience a lot of exotic animals there.

44. Miami Zoo, United States

The Miami zoo is also known as the Miami Dade Zoological Park and Gardens, and it is the largest zoological park in Florida.

It was originally founded in 1948 and later relocated in 1980 as Miami MetroZoo.

This zoo is the only tropical one in the continental United States, and it houses over 5,000 animals, which is an incredible number. 

45. Bioparco Zoo, Rome, Italy 

The Bioparco zoo is, also known as the Bioparco di Roma, located in an estate in Rome, Italy.

It was conceived in 1908 but opened officially in 1911, and unlike many other zoos that had a scientific background, the Bioparco was meant for entertainment.

This zoo has always showcased exotic animals, and after a low moment in its history, it became a bioparc.

46. Pairi Daiza, Belgium 

The Pairi Daiza was formerly known as paradisio, and it is one of the few zoos on this list that’s privately owned.

It began as a bird garden named Paradisio in 1993 but has since become more than that.

Exhibits include an Algoa bay that houses penguins and seals, the Nautilus, Cathedral Aviary, and Mersus emergo.

47. Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

The Copenhagen zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Europe, and in Denmark, it is one of the most visited sites.

This zoo gets over 1.5 million visitors annually. It was established in 1859, a long existence.

The cool part about the Copenhagen zoo is the numerous rare species, including the Tasmanian devil, the East African Chimpanzee, and the Black-necked weavers.

48. Artis Royal Zoo, Netherlands

The Artis Royal Zoo is also known as the Natura Artis Magistra, or just simply Artis.

It was established in 1838, making it the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and the fifth oldest in the world.

The best part about Artis is that it offers more than a zoo. It also contains a planetarium, an aquarium, a museum, and an arboretum.

49. Colombus Zoo & Aquarium, Ohio, United States

The Colombus zoo & Aquarium is a reputed zoo known worldwide thanks to the effort of its director, emeritus Jack Hanna.

It is a non-profit zoo that specializes in conservation both within its walls and outside.

The Colombus zoo & Aquarium was established in 1927 under the name Riverside park.

This lasted till 1937, when the name was changed. The zoo is divided into regions, each representing a particular area in the world.

50. Welsh Mountain Zoo, Wales

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is under the operation of the Zoological Society of Wales, which was formed in 1983 specifically for the zoo.

The Welsh Mountain zoo itself was established in 1963 by the wildlife enthusiast and naturalist named Robert Jackson. It measures up to 15 hectares.

51. Arignar Anna Zoological Park, India

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park also goes by the name Vandalur zoo, Vandalur being the town it is located.

The Arignar Anna was the first public zoo in India, and it was established in 1855.

It is also the largest zoological park in the country, measuring around 602 hectares. The Arignar Anna has 170 species of land animals and 138 plant species.

52. Zoorasia, Japan

Zoorasia is quite new, and in Japan, it is one of the newest. It is also considered the largest and best kept. Zoorasia was established in 1999, a bit more than a decade.

The best part about this zoo is how it keeps the animals in a spacious area that resembles their habitat. You wouldn’t find this everywhere in Japan.

53. Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park, India

Sri Venkateswara can be considered new, though not as much as Zoorasia.

It was founded in 1987 and measures over 2,000 hectares, earning it the title of the largest zoological park in Asia.

There are some features this zoo has including a house for peafowl (mayuravani), a house for herbivores (mrugavani), and a space for small carnivores with birds (vrukavihar).

54. Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town, South Africa 

The Two Oceans Aquarium is technically not a zoo, but it still is a place where animals can be found.

It is named two oceans because it is located at a spot where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic ocean.

This aquarium was established in 1995 as a young place. The aquarium currently houses over 8,000 animals of 300 species.

Exhibits include a diversity gallery, an I & J ocean exhibit, and a shark exhibit from Save Our Seas Foundation.

55. Algiers zoo, Algeria

The Algiers zoo is also known as the Ben Aknoun zoo, and it is the only one found in the capital of Algeria.

It is quite big, measuring up to 307 hectares. While this may not be ideal if you prefer small spaces, it is a good place for strolling down.

The Algiers zoo can be divided into three parts: the zoology, botany, and hotel departments.

56. Paignton Zoo Environmental Park, England 

The Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is located in a seaside town of the same name.

It is focused on education and scientific research. Not surprisingly, the Paignton Zoo is owned by the charity Wild Planet Trust.

It was established in 1923. This zoo houses over 2,000 animals represented by 300 species.

57. Deer Park, England 

Deer Park has a long history. It used to be an enclosure for deer in both medieval and early England.

The establishment of deer parks specifically happened in the Anglo-Saxon era, and it became more popular as the years go by.

There are different deer parks, one of which is the Pymatuning deer park which houses over 250 animals.

58. Tennoji Zoo, Japan

The Tennoji zoo is the third built zoo in Japan, and it is easy to find as it is placed close to the first Buddhist temple in Japan known as the Shitennō-ji temple.

It was established in 1915, and as of 2008, there were over 200 species. Tennoji is a small place, measuring around 11 hectares.

Attractive sites include the African Savanna, the African Rainforest Zone, and the Aviary Zone.

59. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka 

As the name implies, Pinnawala is a good breeding ground for wild Asian elephants.

It is reputed for having the largest herd of captive elephants, and as of 2011, there were 96 elephants in their care.

Pinnawala was established in 1975 to care for elephants, a job they have done till the present.

60. Birmingham Zoo, Alabama, United States

The Birmingham Zoo is a not-for-profit organization that gets an estimate of over 400,000 visitors every year.

It was established in 1955 as a menagerie of exotic animals before expanding to become what it is today.

Exhibits at the zoo include an Alligator swamp, Bird Aviaries, Camel Rides, and a Reptile building.

61. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean park is a multifaceted establishment. It is a marine mammal park, an animal theme park, an amusement park, and an oceanarium all at once.

It is the second largest theme park after Disneyland, and it appears on this list because of the animals within it.

Ocean park houses 12,000 animals and emphasizes education as much as entertainment.

62. Cincinnati Zoo, United States

The Cincinnati Zoo goes by the full name “Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens” and was established in 1873, ranking it as the sixth oldest zoo in the United States.

Its official opening happened two years later. Cincinnati started at 64.5 acres of land and then expanded.

The zoo houses over 1,800 animals, represented by 500 animal species and 3,000 plant ones.

63. Bison Paddock, San Francisco

The Bison Paddock is located in Golden Gate Park and has been there since 1899, eight years after the park began keeping bison.

It is located in the western section of the said park. This paddock has served to preserve the bison’s population.

It is currently open to be public, so you can always go visit.

64. Calgary zoo, Alberta, Canada

The Calgary zoo is operated by a not-for-profit organization known as the Calgary Zoological Society.

It was established in 1929, and though it has had some setbacks, the Calgary zoo still stands strong today.

The zoo houses over 1,000 animals, represented by 272 species.

65. Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo, Hawaii, United States

The Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo is operated by Hawaii county and is a small establishment, measuring only around 12 acres.

It is located in a rainforest, the only zoo in the United States that has this privilege.

It was opened in 1928 and currently houses more than 80 animal species on display. There are also 40 plant species.

66. Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, Spain 

The Zoo Aquarium de Madrid will be considered small when compared to many on this list, measuring around 49 acres.

That said, it is one of the largest zoos in Spain. It is also very old, as it was established in 1770.

Zoo Aquarium houses over 6,000 individuals represented by 500 species.

67. Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa

Named after the largest city in South Africa, the Johannesburg zoo is owned by the city council.

It was established in 1904 and originated as part of a farm known as the Braamfontein.

The zoo houses over 2,000 individuals represented by 320 species, and up to 2014, it was home to Africa’s last polar bear.

68. Mitchell Zoo, Durban, South Africa 

The Mitchell zoo also goes by the name Mitchell’s Park or Mitchell Park Zoo, and it is the only zoo found in Durban.

It was established in 1910 as an ostrich farm but had to introduce other animals when ostriches became unprofitable.

It is known for having many giant animals like Aldabra giant tortoises.

69. Oaklawn Farm Zoo, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Oaklawn farm zoo is a family-owned establishment managed by Ron and Gail Rogerson, and it measures 50 acres.

The place was established in 1984, first as a conventional farm before it became a zoo.

A major attraction of Oaklawn includes big cats alongside a host of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

70. National Children Park and Zoo, Abuja, Nigeria 

The National Children Park and Zoo are located close to the Nigerian presidential villa, and it is perfect for family trips.

Besides the animals, it has a lake and playground for more activities. You get to meet ostriches, giraffes, zebras, etc.

Wrap Up 

Despite some controversies zoos have had over the years, they remain a good place to visit and experience wildlife with your family, especially if you’re an animal lover.

If cages make you uncomfortable, you can go for open-air spaces.

The top zoos on our list cover different continents, which is ideal for vacations.