Are There Sharks In Jordan Lake? What Animals Are There?

Are There Sharks In Jordan Lake (What Animals Are In Jordan Lake)

Several shark species live in the world’s freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. Some of these species spend most of their lives in freshwater, while others migrate to saltwater to breed.

If you’re planning on going for a swim in Jordan Lake anytime soon, you might wonder: “are there sharks in Jordan Lake?” Do they bite humans or attack swimmers? 

These are valid questions given how notorious sharks can be.

Although it may seem scary at first, the answer is no; there are no known shark species that can survive in Jordan Lake. Though it might be possible to sight one, the probability is low. 

Read on to find out more. 

Jordan Lake: An Overview 

In the small community of Bloomington, Minnesota, there is a beautiful body of water known as Jordan Lake.

Jordan Lake is a 711-hectare (1,730-acre) freshwater lake in south-central North Carolina in the United States.

The lake is surrounded by private and public lands, including the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, which encompasses most of the lake’s shoreline.

It is a popular recreational area for fishing, boating, hiking, and swimming.

You can also partake in many activities while visiting Jordan Lake’s amenities: swimming, boating, fishing, hiking/walking trails, nature viewing, and bird watching.

Are There Sharks in Jordan Lake?

No, there are no sharks in Jordan Lake. In recent times there have been some unconfirmed sightings of bull sharks, but there is no evidence that these sightings were accurate.

Even if there were, it would be nearly impossible for them to survive in the lake.

Many creatures live in Jordan Lake, ranging from algae to turtles and everything in between.

If you’re interested in learning more about the wildlife of Jordan Lake, continue reading!

Why are there no Sharks in Jordan Lake?

Many people assume that bull sharks are present in Jordan Lake because they’re one of the few shark species that can live in freshwater, but we don’t know if this assumption is correct. 

Jordan Lake is freshwater, and many shark species can’t survive in it as they can only tolerate salt water.

They need to retain salt in their bodies to stay alive; without it, their cells will rupture, swell, and die.

What Animals are in Jordan Lake

The different habitat around the lake is home to various animal species, including birds, fish, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians.


Here is a list of some birds you could encounter in Jordan Lake:

  • Great blue heron
  • Ducks and water birds like black-and-white Ring-necked ducks, brown pied-billed grebes, white-billed American Coots, black Double-crested Cormorants, Bonaparte’s Gulls, Ring-billed Gulls, Canada Geese, stunning Wood Ducks, and green-headed Mallards are present in the Jordan Lake.
  • Medium-sized land birds like noisy blue Jays, black American Crows, grey Mourning Doves, Eastern bluebirds, rust-and-black American robins, etc., can be found around Jordan Lake. 
  • Smaller land birds include gray-and-black Carolina chickadees, gray tufted Titmice, perky brown Carolina wrens, active yellow-and-gray Pine Warblers, reddish field sparrows, yellow-and-black American goldfinches, etc.
  • Woodpeckers: They include larger red-bellied Woodpeckers, smaller downy Woodpeckers, golden-winged Northern Flickers, red-headed Woodpeckers, and very large pileated Woodpeckers.
  •  Raptors around Jordan Lake are turkey vultures, black vultures, osprey, and bald eagles.


Some fishes that inhabit the lake include:

  • White perch
  • Yellow perch
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Largemouth bass
  • Channel catfish
  • Crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Striped bass


Here are a few reptiles that make Jordan Lake their home:

  • Green Anole
  • Eastern Fence lizard
  • Skinks (common five-lined skink, little brown skink)
  • Snakes (garter snake, watersnake, earth snake, corn snake, etc.)
  • Turtle (common snapping turtle, painted turtle, Eastern musk turtle)


  • Squirrel (Eastern grey squirrel, Southern flying squirrel)
  • Red fox
  • Common Raccoon
  • Bobcats
  • Muskrat
  • Deer


  • Frogs (green frog, pickerel frog, American bullfrog, upland chorus frog, treen tree frog, etc.)
  • Salamanders (spotted salamander, marbled salamander)
  • Eastern Newt
  • Toads (fowler’s toad, American toad)

Related Questions

Is Jordan Lake safe for swimming?

Recent reviews have shown that Jordan Lake is an excellent place for swimming and boating. You can do almost everything at the lake—camping, hiking, bird watching, etc.

Where can you swim in Jordan Lake?

If you are looking forward to swimming in Jordan Lake, there are some superb beaches around the lake to look out for, like Parkers Creek, Seaforth, Ebenezer Point, Crosswinds, Poplar Point, and Vista Point. 

Is Jordan Lake water clean?

The water in Jordan Lake is not exactly clean. For decades, the lake has been polluted, with recent reports of toxic algae blooms resurfacing at the lake. Be on the lookout for residue or discoloration on the surface before letting kids or pets swim in the water.


Though future findings may change this, Jordan Lake is not home to any sharks for now. That could be good or bad news, depending on how you view it.

However, habitats around the lake are not empty and devoid of animals. It has a good number of animals, including fish and birds.

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