Top 20 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

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Potent enough to kill 10 humans and 20,000 mice at a single touch, this dangerous amphibian is one to steer clear of.

20. Golden Poison Frog

Being the largest lizard in the world, its strong bite is also laced with venom that affects blood clotting. This causes several negative symptoms and even death. (5 human fatalities per year)

19. Komodo Dragon

This species of octopus is considered one of the most venomous marine animals in the world, with venom potent enough to kill 40 people. (11 human fatalities per year)

18. Blue-ringed Octopus

Though not all encounters end in an attack, even the least provocation is enough for a shark to launch. It is difficult getting away from its powerful jaws and sharp teeth. (11 human fatalities per year)

17. Shark

Its sting is laced with venom that is both painful and fatal to humans. This sting comes from contact with the tentacles. (100 human fatalities per yr)

16. Box Jellyfish

Did you know that the deadliest animal in the world is responsible for the death of over 1 million people a year?